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Wooden TV stand | Vogel's

Solid wood TV stands - design meets functionality

Wooden TV Stand

Televisions are getting bigger, technology is becoming more sophisticated, and devices are becoming more sensitive. At the same time, there is a growing demand for mounts to place the television stylishly and securely in the room or on the wall. One solution is wooden TV stands, which fit harmoniously into various modern furnishing styles.

In this blog you will get an overview of the advantages and options as well as high-quality wooden TV stands that also meet high design standards.

The TV as a design element

NEXT OP2 TV Floor stand | Vogel's

The days when a television was placed on a sideboard or in a wall unit are far behind us. Modern TV sets have larger screen sizes, but they appear much more delicate and offer more mounting options. For example, flat on the wall or on a stylish TV stand in the room.

In modern interiors, the television is not only an entertainment centre and a functional device, but it can be seen as a design element. The big difference is the TV stand on which the device is mounted: does it appear to be of high quality, does the design and material match the furnishings of the room? Thanks to high-quality materials and different colours and shapes - for example the popular wooden tripod design - you have many options to find a suitable product that matches your television and your design ideas.

TV stands: wood or metal?

TV Stand in living room | Vogel's

The main materials for TV stands are wood and metal. Which option you choose depends on your taste and furnishings as well as the size of your television. Not every stand is designed for every screen size. Therefore, regardless of the material, pay attention to the maximum and minimum screen size that the TV stand was designed for. To find a suitable model, pay attention to the following questions:

  • What screen size is it suitable for?

  • What is the maximum allowable weight?

  • Is it a floor or table stand?

  • What functions does the TV stand have? Should it be rotatable? Is it height adjustable?

  • Can a soundbar be mounted?

Popular choice: TV stands made of oak

NEXT OP1 TV Floor stand | Vogel's

A popular type of wood for TV stands is oak. It is valued not only for its robustness and long durability, but also for its attractive grain. Light oak fits perfectly into the modern interior, looks contemporary and cosy. TV stands made of oak in a Scandinavian design are particularly popular. At Vogel’s you will find the NEXT OP1 and the NEXT OP2 made of FSC-certified oak.

Stylish mix of materials: wood and steel

The TV floor stand for better viewing comfort - TVS 3690 - TVS 3695 | Vogel's

Another option are TV stands made of wood and steel. The combination of oak and white or black steel looks both modern and homely. The award-winning design of the TVS 3695 TV stand is available in PEFC-certified oak and white or black steel.

Design trend: The wooden TV easel

Elegant OPHANG Accessory for your TV Floor stand | Vogel's

A popular current trend is TV stands, whose three-legged design is reminiscent of an easel. These TV stands are in no way inferior in function to other models with four legs or a base plate. You can mount your television just as securely on a high-quality TV stand and hide your cables at the back. If you’re looking for a “TV easel,” check out the NEXT OP1 from Vogel’s.

Other advantages of wooden TV stands

We want to feel comfortable in living spaces, and functional elements should also appear as elegant as possible. The choice of TV stand is important, especially if the television is placed in the middle of the room and the back is visible. If you choose a wooden model with integrated cable management, you will get a clean, tidy look.

Wooden TV stand to match modern furnishings

Are you furnished in a modern country house style, do you prefer Scandi style, industrial design or minimalism? A TV stand made of light wood fits into all modern furnishing styles - as a homely contrast in a living room that primarily relies on steel, glass and concrete, or as a harmonious addition to an interior with light wood and subtle colours.

No compromises on function, style and quality

Functionality and design can be perfectly combined with each other. High-quality wooden TV stands have all the functions that you also find in steel models. Would you like to be able to adjust the height and rotate your television? Want to hide your cables and mount a soundbar? All of these requirements can also be met with wooden TV stands. Pay attention to the respective properties in the product descriptions.

Design TV stand made of wood from Vogel’s

At Vogel’s, we not only focus on the design aspect of our products (several design awards testify to the high-quality design of our wooden TV stands), but also on your safety and comfort during assembly and operation. With the included mounting kit and detailed instructions, you can securely attach even large screens to the TV stand. All Vogel’s products have been tested to three times the approved weight to guarantee you safety and durability.

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