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Family looking at TV Wall Mount | Vogel's

Mount your TV safely

The TV wall mount designed for a busy home life

In an ideal world, your children would never play around your valuable flat screen. Your cat would never jump on the TV. And your dog would always take a large detour around your equipment. However, the real world is very different. There is always a possibility that your TV will take a knock. But a solution is available. Your TV can be safely secured with a mount that is specifically designed for heavy use. The COMFORT TV Wall Mount from Vogel's.

Why is a secure TV wall mount so important?

Children and pets

Dad and child playing near a TV wall mount, COMFORT | Vogel's

Are there children or pets in your home? A busy family life always means a greater risk of someone making contact with your TV.

Large format TVs

Little boy gaming in front of the TV mounted safely, COMFORT | Vogel's

The size of your TV is another important factor. A larger and heavier TV will require a stronger and more secure wall mount.

For intensive use

Dad turning the safe TV wall mount, COMFORT | Vogel's

Safety plays an additional role with full-motion TV mounts. If you use the turn function intensively, a greater demand is placed on the mount.

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ClickLoc™ Safety System

ClickLock Safety system | Vogel's

All COMFORT TV wall mounts come with the ClickLoc™ Safety System*. This locks your TV to the wall mount securely. An audible click confirms that your TV is properly in place. In this way, safety is ensured.

*EU patent pending.

OneFinger™ Movement

One Finger Movement | Vogel's

With all Full-Motion (turnable) versions, rotating or tilting the TV is amazingly smooth. This is due to OneFinger™ Movement. Thanks to the long swivel arm and OneFinger™ Movement, you can effortlessly rotate your TV into any position.The secret lies in special bearings and shafts made of extra-reinforced steel.

Tested at 3 times the maximum holding weight

All Vogel's TV mounts are TÜV-certified to meet the highest safety standards. We also test all TV mounts up to three times their maximum TV weight.

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