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TV meubel kopen? Kies een tv vloerstandaard | Vogel's

Thinking about buying a TV cabinet? There is a great alternative!

3 alternatives for the floor-standing TV cabinet

Nowadays, the TV cabinet is a practically indispensable living room feature. Floor-standing units and floating TV cabinets that attach to the wall are popular options. If you are thinking about buying a new TV cabinet or replacing your old one, there is a versatile alternative that looks sleek and takes up less space: a specially designed floor stand. Find inspiring ideas here.

Finding the perfect spot for your TV

Choosing a TV stand isn't just about brand or screen size. It's also about where it can be positioned in your room, and that means the options are often limited. However, a TV floor stand can be placed anywhere in a room, even in a corner. So think about your favourite chair and use that to decide the ideal spot for your TV.

Break free from the limits of your TV cabinet

The most comfortable way to watch television is with your TV aligned with your line of sight when you are sitting down. However, its actual position can be limited by the fixed height of your TV cabinet. Your viewing experience will be compromised if your cabinet is too high or too low. But if you mount your TV on a floor stand, you can easily adjust it to the perfect height, even after you have installed it!

Create more space

We understand that a TV cabinet is more than just something to put your TV on. It can also be a stylish piece of furniture and useful for storage. But before you buy a new TV cabinet, think about whether you really need one. Would you rather take back the space a bulky cabinet takes up in your living room? Then a TV floor stand is a great alternative.
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Replace your TV cabinet with a TV stand
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Position the TV stand where you want it
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Keep cables neatly out of sight
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Create a sleek and stylish look

Why a TV floor stand is a smart choice

A white TVS 3695 floor stand | Vogel's
  • Swivel the TV for the ideal viewing angle

  • Adjust the TV to the perfect heightInstall your

  • TV anywhere in the room

  • Get the best viewing experience

  • Save space

  • Keep cables neatly out of sight

What should you look for when buying a TV floor stand?

A black TVS floor stand | Vogel's

Considering a floor stand as a space-saving alternative to a bulky TV cabinet? Here are some things to keep in mind when you buy one:

  • Ensure that the stand can support the weight of your TV

  • Check your TV's VESA size to make sure it will fit on the stand

  • Make sure cables are long enough to maximise the benefits of the floor stand

Still want a traditional TV cabinet? Then combine it with a wall mount

If you still can't do without a TV cabinet but want to get the most out of your TV, you can combine the traditional TV unit with a flexible wall mount. You can still install your TV at the perfect height, and if you opt for a full-motion TV mount, you can also tilt and rotate the TV for the perfect viewing angle. 

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