THIN Series

THIN Series

THIN Series

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M 26-55"
Max 18 kg
L 40-65"
Max 25 kg
L OLED 40-65"
Max 30 kg
XL 40-100"
Max 70 kg
Motion (up to 120°)
Forward and turning motion (up to 120°)
Full motion (up to 180°)
Full-Motion TV Wall Mount
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    A perfect view of your TV from every corner of the room

    If you buy an ultra-slim TV, of course you want it to really hang flat on the wall. With Vogel's full-motion THIN TV wall mount, you can affix your television at only 35 millimetres from the wall. It looks just like you have not even used a wall mount, almost invisible!

    The full-motion THIN also offers you the most flexible turning possibilities, thanks to its very long arms, with a lot of suppleness and elegance. You use the full-motion THIN intuitively, and thanks to the supple hinge this TV wall mount easily reacts to your corrections.

    The Quality Signature

    Choosing a Vogel's THIN wall mount is wanting so much more than a piece of metal you attach to the wall to showcase your television. It's a mount so thin, it's almost invisible. What's more: its quality has been thoroughly and manually tested. All part of 'The Quality Signature' by Vogel's, giving you the best of: reliability; design; innovation; ease-of-use.

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