LED wall with unique angle

Different LED panel sizes combined in one video wall

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Strategic change is often slow and difficult to implement. Trainers' House in Finland accelerates and ensures the desired change and provides verifiable results. They help to make the most important actions into reality - they are the change management company.

The challenge

  • Trainers' House was looking for an exclusive LED wall for their multimedia studio. This room is mainly used for training and video production purposes. The aim was for users to be able to produce more impressive and diverse media content.
  • The video wall had to have clear images from every angle.
  • Mounting the video wall from floor to ceiling was not an option.

The solution

  • The building experts of Caverion and Sound Engine designed and were responsible for the implementation of an angled LED wall, consisting of 40x Samsung IER P4.0 series LED displays.
  • The large video wall consists of three separate video walls (sized 4x5, 1x5 and 3x5 LED screens) that were connected in a 45° angle with a specially designed angled bar coupler.
  • With the Vogel’s LED wall mounting solutions it was easy to install the video wall. It was safely mounted to the floor using the robust adjustable PFF 7965 floor mounting plate.

The outcome

  • An absolutely stunning angled video wall, which is a nice addition to the multimedia room.
  • As a result of the video wall installation, the room can now be used for training purposes and as a filming studio.
  • Eventually, there was an additional column added after the installation making the video wall 10,65m x 2,7m.

About the mounting system

For this project, Vogel's versatile LED mounts were utilized for the different sizes LED panels used. To facilitate the corner angle, specially angled bar couplers were designed. The floor-to-ceiling structure was assembled using Vogel's connect-it components.


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We were very happy with the quality, design and ease of installation of this angled video wall. It was the absolute right choice to choose Vogel´s for this case.
After the initial build the hunger grew and thanks to Vogel´s modular design, the wall was expanded. The result is beyond expectation.

Caverion, Building experts

Project co-ordination

Installer         : Caverion Finland
Distributor    : Aurora Group Finland Oy