PFA 9121 Back covers portrait 50-55"

Universal display rear covers are designed to cover the rear of the display, hiding cables and players from view and to prevent for tampering. The rear covers can be used in combination with Connect-it ceiling and Connect-it floor solutions. The PFA 9115 and PFA 9116 are for single pole landscape mounting. The PFA 9120 and PFA 9121 are for single pole portrait mounting.

The PFA 9121are for displays from 50-55 inch. This cover has to be used in combination with the PFB 3402 or PFB 3405. The display interface, as well as the cables, connectors and players are hidden behind the cover. This gives the display's rear an elegant look without compromising ventilation.

Additional installation materials are needed to install this screen. Click here to request the Vogel's Service / Adaptor Kit . !

PFA 9121 Back covers portrait 50-55"

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