MOMO 4237 Monitor Arm Motion Plus for 2 monitors (black)

  • Height Adjustable
  • Suitable for one, two or a whole series of monitors
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Flexible modular system
  • TÜV certified / 10-year guarantee

The ergonomic monitor arm for every workplace
The MOMO 4237 is a dynamic monitor arm for mounting 2 monitors, specially designed for monitors that are regularly adjusted in height, such as at flexible work stations. The monitor arm can hold screen up to 34 inches and weighing up to 10 kg.

Always in the perfect position
The 3 pivot points enable you to work in a perfectly ergonomic way at all times. It is extremely easy to set the ideal screen position. As part of MOMO Motion Plus, the monitor arm comes with OneFinger™ Movement. This is an agile spring system that lets you move the monitor to any position with just one finger. No longer having the monitor on the desk also means that there is much more space to work ergonomically.

A monitor arm that is quick and easy to install
The MOMO 4237 is installed using just one allen (hex) key, cleverly incorporated into the product. So you'll always have the right tool at hand. The desk clamp is designed so that you can install it in 2 different ways: clamped to the desk or fixed onto the desk. So the desk clamp fits on almost any desk.

The arm has a convenient built-in weight indicator so that you can adjust the balance of the monitor perfectly. It is also has a desk thickness indicator so that the desk clamp can be adjusted to the correct width. This allows you to set all dynamic arms and desk clamps in advance for a bulk installation. And another advantage: you can mount the desk clamp from above. There's no need for complicated systems under the desk. Installing the MOMO 4237 is quick and easy!

This monitor arm complies with the strictest international safety requirements
Safety first. The MOMO 4237 meets TÜV, FIRA and IGR requirements and is therefore extremely safe.

The rotation stop in the lower arms also prevents cable breakage and damage to screens and walls.

Easily tuck all cables away inside your monitor arm
The cable slots hidden in the arms provide enough room for several thick cables. The cables remain perfectly in place with the stainless steel clips. The workplace always looks neat and tidy with the MOMO monitor mounts.

All in all, the MOMO 4237 increases your comfort at work and creates a healthier and more productive working environment. MOMO, the monitor mount that works everywhere.

Vogel’s. For Sure.

MOMO 4237 Monitor Arm Motion Plus for 2 monitors (black)


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Awards and certificates

This product passed extensive tests to guarantee compliance with the TÜV Nord quality standard. Products are tested to carry at least 3 times the indicated weight for domestic related products and at least 5 times for professional products without collapsing. TÜV NORD is an independent certification authority and recognized globally as the label of excellent quality.

Specifications For MOMO 4237 Monitor Arm Motion Plus for 2 monitors (black)

EAN single box
Product group
Monitor desk mount
10 years
TÜV certified
  • iF Product Design Award 2023
  • Red Dot Product Design Award 2023
Min. screen size (inch)
Max. screen size (inch)
Min. weight load (kg)
Max. weight load (kg)
Max. weight load (lbs)
Hole pattern (VESA)
  • 50 mm x 50 mm
  • 75 mm x 75 mm
  • 100 mm x 100 mm
Number of pivot points
Tilt -20°/+105°
Adjustable depth
Max. vertical hole pattern (mm)
Min. vertical hole pattern (mm)
Min. horizontal hole pattern (mm)
Max. horizontal hole pattern (mm)
Number of monitors
2 Monitors
Rotate (°)
left 90° / right 90°
MOMO Model type
Mounting on
On and through desk
Number of arms

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