FAU 3125 Display interface silver

  • Stylish design
  • Theft prevention

The FAU 3125 universal flat display interface can be used to mount a LCD/Plasma TV (with VESA MIS-D-E) to the wall, ceiling or floor (in combination with other modular parts).

The FAU 3125 universal flat display interface is part of a modular system which enables you to create your own wall, ceiling or floor mounting solution for LCD/Plasma TV's (23-40", with VESA MIS-D-E, up to 60 kg). The Autolock® locking system locks the interface onto the support and prevents the display from falling of the turn and tilt unit when accidently lifted. The optional lock PFA 9008 blocks the locking system, hence preventing theft. For wall mounting just add the needed wall mounting plate (PFW 910/ 920/ 930) or support (PFW 950/ 952).For ceiling mounting add the needed ceiling mounting plate, extension tube and turn and tilt unit. In case of floor mounting add floor stand PFA 9011 and the needed turn and tilt unit.

FAU 3125 Display interface silver

Awards and certificates


TÜV NORD is an independent certification authority for products and manufacturing processes. They carry out independent quality and safety tests and are recognized globally as the label of excellent quality. All certified products for professional use are tested to carry at least 5 times the indicated weight without collapsing (deformation is possible).

Specifications For FAU 3125 Display interface silver

Article number
Min. vertical hole pattern (mm)
Max. vertical hole pattern (mm)
Min. horizontal hole pattern (mm)
Max. horizontal hole pattern (mm)
EAN single box
Max. weight load (kg)
5 years
Min. screen size (inch)
Max. screen size (inch)
TÜV certified
Lock options
Lock option/accessory

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