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TVA 6201 Cable Straps

TVA 6201 Cable Straps

TVA 6201 Cable Straps

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TVA 6201
Cable Accessory
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  • Keep your cables untangled and organised
  • Easy to adjust and reuse
  • Strong, hook-and-loop design
  • Includes: 6 straps of 300x20 mm

Tangle-free, organised cables
Ideally, you should bind cables together and conceal them from view. Vogel’s offers a number of handy solutions for this. With these hook-and-loop cable ties, you can bind your cables tightly and securely together. The set of TVA 6201 cable ties consists of six cable ties of 30 cm in length and 2 cm wide.

Use again and again
Because these cable ties are made of hook and loop, they are easy to use and endlessly reusable. They are also ready to use immediately!

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