PUC 1065 Ceiling plate turn

The PUC 1065 ceiling plate is part of the modular Connect-it system. You can use this ceiling plate to create a ceiling solution for medium to large-sized displays up to 80kg (160kg back-to-back). This ceiling plate is suitable for flat ceilings and has a unique turning ability to adjust the position of the display.

Combine this ceiling plate with one of the poles from the Connect-it Series (PUC 2508/2515/2530) a Connect-it interface bar (PFB 3402/3405/3407/3409/3411) and Connect-it interface display strips (PFS 3302/3304/3306/3308/3311) for a complete ceiling solution.

PUC 1065 Ceiling plate turn


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TÜV NORD is an independent certification authority for products and manufacturing processes. They carry out independent quality and safety tests and are recognized globally as the label of excellent quality. All certified products for professional use are tested to carry at least 5 times the indicated weight without collapsing (deformation is possible).

Specifikationer Til PUC 1065 Ceiling plate turn

Article number
5 år
TÜV certified
Max. weight load (kg)
Height options
Fast højde
Op til 360°
Ceiling types
Fladt loft
Ceiling plate options
Fladt (drejefunktion)
Lock options
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