PTS 2010 Universal TabLock

Safe enclosure for tablets

Tablets are a great way to provide information in public spaces, such as retail shops, museums, showrooms and exhibitions. However, they are easy to damage or steal, and there are so many different versions. Vogel's Professional developed the Universal TabLock® enclosure to protect a tablet while still allowing access to the touch screen. Because of the universal design, the Universal TabLock is perfect for iPads, Galaxy Tabs and any other tablet with a min. dimension of 236 x 166 x 3 mm and a max. dimension of 285 x 186 x 10 mm.

Made out of high quality aluminium and steel we designed a stylish and slim enclosure which protects the iPad in public environments. The Secure TabLock iPad enclosure can be mounted directly to the wall, or via de VESA 100x100 mm mounting holes to any Vogel's VESA compatible mounts. Quick and easy opening of the secure TabLock enclosure is possible thanks to the new unique locking mechanism using a key and lock.Vogel's Professional regularly develops new Tablocks, please check our website for the latest information.

PTS 2010 Universal TabLock



Specifikationer Til PTS 2010 Universal TabLock

EAN enkelt pakke
Tablet casing
5 år
Maks. vægtbelastning (kg)
Hulmønster (VESA)
  • 100 mm x 100 mm
Tabletmærke og model(ler)
Universal 9-10 tommer
Tablet Start-knap, skjult eller tilgængelig
Min./Max. tabletdimensioner (mm)
  • Width: 166-186 mm
  • Height: 236-285 mm
  • Depth: 3-10 mm

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