PPA 310 Projector anti theft housing

The PPA 310 is an anti-theft housing for small-medium sized projectors, while the PPA 320 is designed for the bigger size projectors. Both offer maximum protection to projectors in schools and public environment.

Max. projector size 410 x 410 x 150 mm (W x D x H)

The projector housings are especially designed to prevent theft of mounted projectors and fit on our modular PUC21xx ceiling tubes. The new design also makes it possible to mount the housing directly to the ceiling.The housings are designed in such a way that servicing to the projector is quick and easy. Large openings on the top and bottom of the housing allow easy access to the projector for service and maintenance.Large ventilation openings offer sufficient cooling to prevent the projector from overheating. After installing the projector to the ceiling it can be aligned. After final alignment the housing can be closed with special anti-theft screws. Additionally a padlock and/or a bolt-nut can be added for double security.

PPA 310 Projector anti theft housing

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Projector casing
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