PFS 3504 Display Interface Strips, 3D adjustable

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The PFS 3504 adjustable display strip is part of a unique and flexible system that is ideal for video wall setups and in-line menu boards. With this modular concept, based on Connect-it, you create a video wall solution for almost every set-up requirement. The video wall solution consists of interface bars (PFB 34xx) and one set of multi directional (3D) adjustable interface display strips (PFS 35xx) per display. Vogel's offers various lengths of interface bars and two different lengths of interface display strips, with fitment 400 mm and 800 mm.

The PFS 3504 is a unique top adjustable display strip, which can be adjusted in 3 directions (3D) to achieve an overall seamless and flawless look.The PFS 3504 has a vertical fitment of 400 mm and has horizontal, depth and tilt adjustment. Once the displays are in place, the built in service position makes it possible to easily connect cables to the displays. The service position also allows each individual display to be removed for maintenance or replacement. Even if the display in the middle of the video wall. Additional features include the lock for lateral shift to avoid horizontal movement. With the optional padlock (PFA 9109) you prevent unauthorized removal.

PFS 3504 Display Interface Strips, 3D adjustable



Priser og certifikater

Dette produkt har gennemgået omfattende tests for at sikre, at det overholder TÜV Nords kvalitetsstandard. Produkterne testes til at kunne bære mindst 3 gange den vægt, som er angivet til privat brug, og mindst 5 gange vægten, som er angivet til professionel brug. TÜV NORD er en uafhængig certificeringsmyndighed og er globalt anerkendt som et mærke, der garanterer fremragende kvalitet.

Specifikationer Til PFS 3504 Display Interface Strips, 3D adjustable

EAN enkelt pakke
Interface strip
5 år
Vip -3°/+7°
Maks. vægtbelastning (kg)
Min. lodret hulmønster (mm)
Maks. lodret hulmønster (mm)
Længde display strips / Max. fitting (mm)
445 / 400 mm

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