Motorized trolley solutions

The motorized trolley is suitable for almost any type of LED wall or large LCD display of any brand. For commonly used displays from Philips, Samsung, LG and Optoma, Vogel's complete, matching interface kits are available.

Assembled motorized trolley kits

Vogel's has put together various kits for these common LED displays from components from the modular Connect-it Series in combination with the motorized trolley. That saves a lot of research. These kits can be ordered directly and are always in stock.

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All other LED displays in combination with the PFTE 7120

For the other LED displays of any brand, Vogel's has a universal solution from the Connect-it system. The proven Connect-it system is the basis for the mounting of LED walls. With only a limited number of components you can easily put together a video wall set-up of virtually any size. Please contact us for a suitable offer.  Ask here for all the possibilities for the other LED display set-ups.

What do we offer: 

  • Adjustable in height up to 50 cm
  • TüV and CE certified
  • Mobile and/or stand alone
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Easy install

Install your LED wall quickly and easily.

Choose precision with ease for a seamless end result. A solution that suits you and your customers perfectly and can be placed in any environment. An attractive design with a single system for different applications, simple maintenance, and offering both durability and versatility. Vogel’s. For Sure.

We would be pleased to help look for a suitable solution.
Feel free to mail to [email protected] or contact your local Vogel's representative