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Valk Exclusief is a well-known hotel group with 39 different locations in the Netherlands and Germany. All locations have stylish facilities and accommodations. Guests can visit the hotel group to enjoy the restaurant, for an overnight stay or attend a meeting. Therefore it is important for every hotel within the group to optimally meet the needs of the guests.

Unanimity throughout the hotel group ensures the quality provided to all guests, so they can enjoy a perfect stay with modern facilities. The guests are highly valued at Valk Exclusief. As a result, the family business does not just offer overnight stays, but a real experience.

Digital registration

In addition to offering luxury and comfort, the family business is constantly focusing on the development of technological facilities. Digitalising the receptions is a project that results from this.

To make this digital registration possible Vogel’s products were used. Approx. 120 pieces   PTS 1213 TabLock and PTA 3103 table mounts have been used to provide all receptions with a professional look and to make them work more efficiently and accurately.

Thanks to this project visitors of Valk Exclusief are able to fill in the registration forms themselves during check-in. Errors will thus be minimized and check-in procedures are completed more quickly.

During the transition to digital registration forms, the iPads were supplied by Laptop Plus BV.

The renewed table reservation system

Vogel’s theft delaying tablet enclosures are also used in Valk Exclusief’s newly developed table reservation system. About 40 pieces PTS 1223 TabLock are used in this project. The iPads are conveniently placed at the entrance of the restaurants. This way it is possible to quickly check guests’ table reservations in a safe environment. This makes it a quick and easy way to find the guests reservation and show them the right place. 

Who managed this project?

The project was realized in cooperation between our Dutch distributor Vogel’s Professional Netherlands (VPN) and iDevice+.

Quote installer:

The installation of the Vogel’s secure tablet enclosures went very smoothly. The tablets are well protected, however easy to use by the hotel guests. Due to a large assortment there is a Vogel’s solution for every location and application.

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