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TMS 304 - RingO Multi Pack for iPad (2, 3rd and 4th generation)

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The RingO Multi Pack for iPad lets you mount your iPad in the car, onto any suitable wall, or stand it on a table or bookshelf, whichever you need at the time. The Pack includes a RingO Holder for iPad, a RingO Wall Mount, a RingO Car Mount, and a RingO Table Stand.
Особенности продукта:
  • Easy mounting
The Holder, with its special tactile coating, adds minimal additional depth to the iPad, whilst making it extremely comfortable to hold, and ready to be mounted wherever you want. The design of the Holder respects all the iPad functions, so you can use the two cameras, access all the connectors and controls, easily attach Apple's beautiful magnetic Smart Cover, and even enhance the sound reproduction. The Wall Mount is a discrete and stylishly-designed button that can be screwed onto almost any suitable wall. An iPad with a RingO Holder can then be easily clicked onto the Wall Mount so it hangs safely in place, seemingly floating in the air, ready for viewing films, photos, recipes, or any other application. Once mounted, the tablet can be freely rotated through 360 degrees, and the locking system ensures stable and secure support. And unmounting the tablet is just as easy. For those on the move, look no further than the RingO Car Mount. Adapted from Vogel’s successful DVDock, the Car Mount is the safest and most secure way to let your passengers use their iPad. No tools are needed to install a Car Mount, which is securely fixed to the front seat headrest. An iPad with a Holder is then simply clicked into place for each journey. Now back seat travellers can enjoy all their content on their iPad whilst on the move. And unmounting the iPad is just as easy. With the RingO Table Stand, an iPad with RingO Holder can be placed in either portrait or landscape position, on a table, bookshelf or desk, for viewing your favorite photos, films or TV shows, or for that critical business pitch.



Макс. вес телевизора (кг) 1.0
Поворот 360°
Количество точек поворота 1
Наклон 15°
Цвет Черный
Гарантия Срок службы