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Paul Grolle is Business Manager R&D at Vogel's. His product design philosophy is simple. It’s better to prevent faults happening rather than detect them. He says, “If you design something that’s impossible to put together incorrectly, you create zero defect products.”

He introduced this approach when he joined Vogel’s after seeing how it works in the quality-sensitive automotive industry. It works for Paul’s team at Vogel’s too, achieving high quality levels regardless where a product is manufactured.


In today’s world of mass production, quality is more important than ever | Paul, Business Unit Manager R&D
Business Manager R&D at Vogel's

We believe in achieving high quality products

Vogel's products thoroughly tested Vogel's products thoroughly tested

Paul also believes, that if you want your products to keep working in the field, you have to keep testing them. ‘’So our engineers do. First they test designs in house to iron out major issues. Then, when they are confident, they test them in the field. Time and time again, continuously improving the product design.’’

Aesthetics of Vogel's products Aesthetics of Vogel's products

Aesthetics is also part of our products. Vogel’s product development is a fusion of design and engineering. It’s Integral to the Dutch design culture. The design team is also encouraged to explore the boundaries of what’s possible. Learning how not to do something is part of learning how to do it better. “Any competent engineering student can design a bracket. The real test is developing a product that is perfectly safe, aesthetically designed and that always stays levelled. This is where Vogel’s excels.”

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