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CoolCat is a retail chain with approximately 130 stores in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. They sell trendy fashion to young people. They sell fun, fashion and trends @ better prices than other brands. CoolCat fits its corporate identity and changed a typical shop for a cool hangout for young people. By using a cool video wall, the shop now looks like a real club / Arcade game hall! This is a must-see! This project is done for different CoolCat stores throughout the Netherlands, because of this it is achieved in stages. The project began in 2011 and is now complete!

What was unique about this project? Through interactive multitouch displays with games, social media and website integration First Impression created a place where young people can not only shop but also relax. The creative video walls attract attention and get into the interior of the store. There are several displays used for this project 17 "- 18" and it involves over more than 100 pieces. These are all mounted with Vogel’s professional products.

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If you go shopping at CoolCat it feels like you are in a cool club!

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