DesignMount (NEXT 7346) Full-Motion LG OLED TV Wall Mount

Najlepsza technologia wśród uchwytów ściennych do telewizorów

Znajdź uchwyt do Twojego telewizora
  • Poprowadź kable
  • Screen Protection System - chroni telewizor przed uderzaniem o ścianę
  • Smart Movement Mechanism - poruszaj telewizor delikatnym ruchem palca
  • Stylowy i profesjonalny design
  • Wyjątkowy komfort oglądania w pomieszczeniu

Discover the distinct qualities of the new NEXT 7346. OLED TVs are extremely thin and fragile. That's why Vogel's has designed special OLED wall mounts with an ultra-flexible turning mechanism. This allows you to turn your OLED TV effortlessly without causing any damage to it. It gives you the perfect view of your television, no matter where you are in the room.

Mount your TV to the wall with this flexible Vogel's TV mount. Unlike conventional televisions, OLED televisions, such as LG OLEDs, are equipped with a special (VESA) mounting system at the back. If you would like to make your OLED TV and TV mount a single unit, choose the NEXT 7346. Your OLED television will become even more of an eye-catcher in your interior.

The NEXT 7346 is a stunning wall mount with elegant lines, which forms a unique combination with your OLED TV. When you gently fold away the NEXT 7346 against the wall, hardly any space is left between the wall and the mount. It smoothly glides away from the wall and can turn up to 120 degrees. Suitable for OLED TVs, such as the LG OLED, with dimensions of 40-65 inches (102-165 cm) and a maximum weight of 30 kg. The NEXT 7346 includes the Screen Protection System, which prevents your valuable OLED TV from bumping into the wall. The most fantastic thing about this mount is its smooth motion. Just a delicate touch of the finger is all it takes to turn the mount. We call this Smart Movement. Cables can be easily concealed for a sleek and tidy look. We have taken the very best elements from our other successful products and combined them to create a new concept with an unprecedented luxurious appearance.

Sprawdź kompatybilność, podając markę i model telewizora (opcjonalne). np. „LG OLED55C7V”

Montaż tego telewizora wymaga dodatkowych materiałów montażowych. Kliknij tutaj, aby zgłosić chęć otrzymania zestawu serwisowego Vogel's . !

DesignMount (NEXT 7346) Full-Motion LG OLED TV Wall Mount

Najlepsza technologia wśród uchwytów ściennych do telewizorów

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    TÜV NORD is an independent certification authority for products and manufacturing processes. They carry out independent quality and safety tests and are recognized globally as the label of excellent quality. All certified products for professional use are tested to carry at least 5 times the indicated weight without collapsing (deformation is possible).

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    Certyfikat TÜV
    Min. rozmiar ekranu (cale)
    Maks. rozmiar ekranu (cale)
    Rozstaw (VESA)
    • 300 mm x 200 mm
    • 400 mm x 200 mm
    Min. odległość od ściany (mm)
    Maks. odległość od ściany (mm)
    Maks. nośność (kg)
    Obrotowy (do 120°)
    Cable management
    Rzep na kable, Zintegrowany system organizacji kabli w ramieniu
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