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BASE 45 L - Full-Motion TV Wall Mount


For TVs up to 65 inch (165 cm)

BASE 45 L is a durable TV wall mount, suitable for 40 to 65 inch (102 to 165 cm) TVs weighing up to 45 kg (99 lbs).

Extra-wide turn angle for a great view

The BASE 45 L has an extra-wide turn angle of up to 90 degrees left or right. That means you can get the perfect viewing angle from anywhere in the room, and possibly even from adjacent rooms. You can fold it flat against the wall when you're not watching TV, for the best of both worlds.

The BASE series: strong and simple

By choosing a BASE series wall mount, you choose a solid, secure solution for mounting your TV on the wall. A sturdy lock release feature clicks your TV safely into the bracket. Mounting the BASE 45 L is easy, as it comes with clear mounting instructions and all the mounting materials you need.

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Min. schermgrootte (inch) 40
Max. schermgrootte (inch) 65
Max. gewicht van TV (kg) 45
Gaten patroon (mm)
  • Min. 100x100 / Max. 100x100
  • Min. 100x200 / Max. 100x200
  • Min. 200x100 / Max. 200x100
  • Min. 200x200 / Max. 200x200
  • Min. 400x200 / Max. 400x200
  • Min. 400x300 / Max. 400x300
  • Min. 400x400 / Max. 400x400
  • Min. 500x300 / Max. 500x300
  • Min. 600x200 / Max. 600x200
  • Min. 600x300 / Max. 600x300
  • Min. 600x400 / Max. 600x400
Draaien 120°
Kantelen 15°
Min. afstand tot de wand (mm) 46
Max. afstand vanaf de wand (mm) 486
Kleur Zwart
Garantie Levenslang
Nettogewicht incl. verpakking (kg) 9.1
Artikelnummer 8343345