Vogel’s at HUB by Premier Inn

HUB is a new generation hotel chain by Premier Inn located across London and Edinburgh. There are plans for new locations in central London and in other cities across the UK. HUB has compact rooms and is designed to offer a smart, stylish and good value stay in the best city locations. Locations make it easy to travel to city centres close by.
The compact rooms offer all the same comfort but in half the size and are designed in a clever way, to give the guest everything they would expect from a Premier Inn room, but within half the space. This makes the rooms ideal for 1-2 guests. HUB hotels have between 80 to 500 rooms on average. Guests prioritize location, style and comfort over room size.

Enhancing your stay at HUB

Premier Inn was looking to enhance the guests’ stay at the HUB hotels, so they required a scala of multiple digital solutions that would strengthen the customer experience and reinforce the contemporary brand. Ongoing since September 2014, the Beaver Group supplied HUB with video walls and lift screens at various locations. The video wall at the HUB reception desk generally consists of a 4 or 5 x 46 inch LCD video banner, that displays new feeds, travel updates and hotel-specific information. This video wall is mounted using Vogel’s pop-out system.
Also, there is a 32 inch portrait touchscreen, mounted with the Vogel’s 5000 Series, that displays location information, a selection of apps and interactive maps. Inside the lifts there are two 43 inch LCD displays that were mounted with the Vogel’s  behind a pane of mirror glass. The displays show hotel-specific content, texts and animations visible within the mirror, which gives it a floating effect. When not displaying content, the screen is not visible, providing the illusion of a standard mirror.

What's so special about this project?

All digital solutions are there to provide a seamless hotel guest experience. When guests arrive at the reception, they can check in at tablet based kiosks or via the HUB app. After check in, a special video wall greets the new guests with useful information like travel updates and a live news feed. Built into the glass of this wall there is an interactive touchscreen that provides local information, interactive maps and hotel particulars, restaurant recommendations and ‘What’s On’ theatre guides.

When going to their room, guests are presented with hotel information such as breakfast times, check out procedures and other reminders via the “digitally floating” display in the lift’s mirror screen. The total experience meets all the needs while also being subtle and innovative, perfectly reflecting the HUB approach at this exciting new hotel destination.

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Who managed this project?

The project was realized in corporation between our United Kingdom importer Turnstone AV together with Beaver Group.

Quote Rachel Cully - Whitbread

Beaver Group helped us push the HUB brand to where it belongs - boldly leading the market forward.

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