What is OLED?

Pitch black and intense colours

The difference between LED and OLED

The latest development in TV technology is televisions equipped with OLED screens. The technology used in OLED TVs is not new.

It has been used in smartphones for quite some time. However, the high production and technology costs have slowed down the introduction of OLED TVs.

The advantages of OLED

veiligheid veiligheid

lighter in weight




wide viewing angle


intense colours


Millions of tiny LEDs

LED TVs have been around for a while now; the display is lit by LEDs located to the sides or rear of the panel. The pixels themselves do not emit light. That's different with OLED technology. The diodes (tiny bulbs) in an OLED display all represent individual sources of light, eliminating the need for backlighting. OLED screens are ultra-thin and more lightweight.

Because each diode can be turned on or off individually, black appears as pitch black, colours become more intense and details are crystal clear. The high contrast not only improves image quality but also enables a wider viewing angle, as none of the contrast is lost.  

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