You can enjoy wireless TV outdoors

Wireless TV in your garden!

As soon as the weather turns nicer and the days get longer, we enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors. And that means you might also want to watch TV outside. But how can you do that while avoiding a lot of hassle with cables?

You certainly want to avoid having to turn your garden upside down.

We have put together a list of options for you to help you find the perfect solution.

Take your TV outside

Looking for a great solution to get the most out of the weather AND your TV? Mount your TV outside on the wall. Why settle for a smaller screen? You still want to watch your favourite TV series on a big screen, whether you're on your own or with a group of people. Or enjoy live TV together and watch exciting sport competitions!

But how can you watch TV without a cable? To connect a second TV, you only need a power point and a wireless HDMI extender/receiver. The SAVA 1022 is an AV wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver from Vogel's  that digitally transmits data such as the TV signal from your TV to a second outdoor TV with no delay or loss of quality.

Fewer cables, more possibilities

Via wireless HDMI transmission, the signal can be transmitted from one AV device to a second AV device anywhere in the house.

With the SAVA 1022, you can stream the content of your decoder, PC or Blu-ray player in HD quality to a second TV anywhere inside or outside the house.

This smart AV wireless HDMI extender/receiver supports Full HD (1080p), HDCP and fully connects to all HDMI versions. 

Outside TV connection

When mounting your outdoor TV, it is important to think about where to place the screen. Naturally, you need to take bright light and moisture into consideration in the garden. Always be sure to place the television under an overhang. Bright sunlight can also adversely affect your view of the screen.

The best solution is to mount your TV on a full motion TV wall mount. These give your TV the most flexibility. 

Other options for watching TV outside include:

Watching TV via internet

Many cable providers have developed options for watching wireless cable TV outdoors, mainly via an internet connection. This allows you to watch TV on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

But this solution also has a few disadvantages:

  • It is not very convenient if you want to watch TV outside with several other people
  • You need a fast internet connection
  • You often need to ensure a strong WiFi signal outside

Other options…

Installing an antenna cable is another possibility. And even though laying a cable in the garden is easier than in the house, remember that you have to dig deep. You don't want to slice through the cable every time you do some digging in the garden.

Another option is to work with a wireless connection set. This allows you to watch TV via a signal transmitted through a power socket. Not all cable providers offer this option, however.

Smart AV accessories | Vogel's Smart AV accessories | Vogel's

More smart solutions…

In addition to a wireless HDMI extender, Vogel's offers other smart AV solutions. The Vogel's SAVA series consists of products that can be used to extend conventional devices, for example, or connect them to new technologies. This makes other options possible, such as a wireless connection to the TV or converting analogue to digital connections. Make your valuable AV equipment compatible and enjoy it for even longer! The smart solutions from Vogel's are the answer.

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