How do I mount my TV

on a sloped ceiling?

Vogel's advice

Sleeping in a converted attic often means sleeping under a sloped ceiling. This limits your options for mounting a TV. Wall brackets are suitable for mounting on a flat wall. For example, mounting a flat TV wall bracket on a ceiling or even a sloped ceiling is not recommended. Alternatively, you may opt for a floor stand or a ceiling bracket. A floor stand can be moved around easily but the maximum adjustable height is limited, which may not allow for an optimal viewing angle from bed.

In general, the best advice is to use a ceiling bracket with a special ceiling plate designed for sloped ceilings. This can be mounted anywhere on the ceiling and the TV screen can be turned to the ideal viewing angle. Wondering what the ideal mounting solution is for you? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to work out a solution!

Wondering what the ideal mounting solution is for you?
Get in touch with us. We would be happy to work out a solution!

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More practical questions

By far the most commonly asked question is whether a certain TV will fit the bracket people have in mind. You can check this on the product page. Based on your TV model number and your mounting preferences, you can find a suitable TV bracket to meet your needs. 

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A service kit may sometimes be needed

Your TV may have an irregular shape, in which case you will need special mounting materials. As a service, Vogel's supplies extra adapter and service kits to ensure that these TVs can also be mounted. You can request these kits from us. We will quickly send you an extra set of mounting materials that can be used to mount the TV bracket. It would be our pleasure!

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Mounting a wall bracket on a hollow wall

A hollow wall is usually made from a wooden frame covered with plasterboard. The best solution is to secure the wall bracket to the wooden frame underneath. Sometimes, the frame is made of metal or you may wish to mount the wall bracket on a different part of the wall. In that case, always use special, high-quality, hollow wall plugs or plasterboard plugs, such as those from Fischer.

It is not advisable to mount a wall bracket with a swivel arm on a hollow wall. The movement of the swivel arm can put enormous strain on the wall and the mounting materials. This could noticeably damage the plasterboard or (unnoticeably) compromise the strength of the mounting.

Is the ideal mounting position for your TV right in the middle of a hollow wall?

We have the solution! The Vogel's stud adapter THIN 595 allows you to install your TV wall mount securely on a hollow wall. Suitable for the THIN 550, THIN 546, THIN 545 and THIN 525.