The kids

can amuse themselves

Many holidays begin with a long car journey. If you want to arrive at your destination feeling well rested, it helps to keep the kids entertained on the back seat.

With a tablet holder from Vogel’s, you can easily mount a tablet on the back of the front seat headrest. Ideal for playing games or watching a film on the back seat.

veiligheid boven alles!

Safety first!

Although playing games can help make a car journey a lot more fun, safety always comes first. Make sure that the driver is focused on the road and can stay focused.

4 great apps for children

There's no shortage of apps for kids, but which ones are really fun?! These are the four most common apps found on tablets owned by the children of Vogel's employees:

app voor kinderen, auto, tablet
toca robot app tablet auto
petites choses app voor kinderen, auto, tablet
app my playhome auto tablet

Petting Zoo (all ages)

Toca Robot Lab (<5 years)

Petites Choses (<2 years)

My PlayHome (<4 years)

An interactive book with drawings of 21 different animals. The animals react in surprising ways when you touch them.

Build your own robot from all sorts of different materials. Can your robot fly? And is it strong enough to smash any obstacles in its path?

Play short mini-games in a beautiful fantasy world while searching for the key to set the bird free from its cage. 

It's non-stop fun with this digital dollhouse.