A Vogel's feast

inspiration for the kitchen

Now that your tablet is mounted at a convenient spot in the kitchen, you can easily browse the internet for some delicious recipes! 

Or perhaps you have your own digital recipe book and you are ready to go! Below you will find some inspiration with  a Vogel's twist! 

Recept gevogelte Vogel's

Turkey with mushroom stuffing

Turkey brimming with the taste of tradition. Make a great impression at every dinner.
Main course, serves six 

Recept gevogelte Vogel's

Asian steamed buns with duck

Great tip for an Asian snack. Serve with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce.
Finger food, 12 pieces 

Recept gevogelte Vogel's

Sticky chicken

These sticky chicken skewers are incredibly delicious. The sticky garlic and honey sauce gives them so much flavour!
Party snack, serves 12 

Recept gevogelte Vogel's

Summer rolls with smoked chicken

These healthy mini spring rolls are a summer twist to the well-known fried version. Dip them in soy or peanut sauce and enjoy!
Lunch dish, 8 pieces

Recept gevogelte Vogel's

Roasted lemon chicken

Roast chicken, what's more delicious and easy than that? Bon appetit
Main course, serves 2