Operating your equipment behind closed cabinet doors?

That's easy with an infrared extender

Behind closed doors

You've just got nice and comfortable on the couch, ready for your favourite TV series. But, unfortunately, you are unable to operate your equipment because it is hidden behind the closed doors of your TV cabinet. And now you have to get up again to open them! Isn't there a better solution? 

Yes, there is an easy way to leave the cabinet doors of your TV cabinet closed and still operate your AV equipment from the comfort of your seat. An infrared extender makes that problem a thing of the past.

An IR extender can reach anywhere

Operating your equipment in a closed TV cabinet can be quick and easy by connecting an infrared extender. This allows you to increase the range of your infrared remote control. Extending the infrared signal is achieved using a tiny, virtually invisible sensor. 

SAVA 1014 Infrared eye | Vogel's SAVA 1014 Infrared eye | Vogel's

You place this sensor in sight of your remote control. The sensor then sends the signal from your remote control to your connected equipment. Your equipment receives the signal and transmits the commands without delay. This allows your cabinet doors to remain closed, which is very neat.

Strong IR extenders have an infrared range of up to 10 metres! And that signal reaches everywhere, allowing your AV equipment to stay neatly out of sight.

Reliable infrared extender SAVA 1014

Smart AV accessories CONNECT | Vogel's

No more open cabinet doors - the SAVA 1014 allows you to control your AV equipment via a small IR extender. It transmits the signal from your remote control to your AV equipment using the latest infrared technology (IR blaster LED), allowing you to zap with the cabinet doors closed! Attaching LEDs to your valuable equipment is no longer necessary.

Smart AV accessories | Vogel's Smart AV accessories | Vogel's

An entire series of smart solutions

In addition to its IR extender, Vogel's has even more smart AV solutions available. The SAVA series consists of a range of products that enable classic devices to be expanded with or connected to new technologies. For example, wireless connections can be enabled or analogue connections can be converted to digital. Get more enjoyment from your valuable AV equipment and make it compatible! The smart solutions from Vogel's are the answer.

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