Music throughout the home

Multi-room speakers

Stream music anywhere

With multi-room speakers, you can listen to music in any room in your home. Multi-room speakers are designed to be compact and discreet. They are easy to connect. Your music can play throughout the entire house.

You even have the option of playing different music in different rooms, such as the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Streaming music

A variety of connection options

Multi-room speakers allow you to play music in a number of different ways. Via an amplifier or streaming via WiFi or Bluetooth. Streaming music indoors via Bluetooth is less common than using a WiFi connection. The advantage of Bluetooth speakers is that you don't need a special app; you can simply play music directly from your own stored music files or via services like Spotify and Deezer. 

With a WiFi connection, you generally use a control app provided by a manufacturer. Speakers are also available that can be used with both WiFi and Bluetooth connections. 

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Via an amplifier

Do you have a great amplifier at home that you'd like to connect to wireless speakers? You can do this by using so-called 'modules'. Connecting one of these 'modules' to the amplifier establishes a wireless transmission. This allows you to take advantage of wireless speakers while still using your current amplifier.

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Everyone can enjoy their own music

Installing multiple speakers in different rooms allows you to control each speaker individually. This makes it possible to play different music in different rooms. So everyone can enjoy their own music at the same time! 

The best set-up

When positioning your speakers, make sure that there are as few obstacles as possible between you and the speakers. The easiest solution is to mount your speakers on the wall. Then tilt the speakers so that the sound is directed to ear level. Or position the speaker at the correct height using a floor stand. Vogel’s has a suitable speaker stand or wall bracket for virtually every speaker. Do you have Sonos or HEOS speakers?