Mounting your Denon Home 150 speaker

Get the most out of your speaker with the SOUND 3200

Have you purchased a Denon Home 150 speaker? We have the solution for mounting your speaker wherever you want on the wall. Your speaker will blend seamlessly into your interior. Why is that so important? And how do you do that? We're happy to explain.

Sound at the right height

One of the main reasons for mounting speakers has to do with the listening height. Mount your Denon Home 150 speaker at ear level. This will create the ideal listening experience, whether you're listening to music or watching TV.

Mounting your Denon speakers is also a great solution for optimising the sound quality when watching films. You can create a true cinema experience in your own home!

Mounting your speaker at ear level can be done by installing a wall mount or by positioning the speaker (on a base). 

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Space-saving speaker solution

Saving space can come in very handy, especially in smaller homes. This advantage is another good reason to opt for a speaker wall mount. When you mount your Denon Home speakers they also take up less space in your interior.

If you own a Denon Home 150, you'll want to enjoy it to its fullest and preferably as soon as possible. Installing a wall mount may seem like quite a job but we have the perfect solution for that. At Vogel's, we always make sure that you have all the mounting materials you need included in the packaging. This means that you can get to work straight away.

  1. SOUND 3200 Speaker wall mount

    SOUND 3200 Speaker wall mount

    To mount small multi-room speakers. Comes with integrated spirit level.

The advantages of the Vogel's SOUND 3200 at a glance: 

  • Turn your Denon Home 150 to the right position with just one hand
  • This wall mount can be rotated 70 degrees
  • You can also tilt your speaker up or down by 30 degrees, which is useful if your speaker is mounted higher on the
  • The mount has an integrated spirit level, so your speaker is always mounted straight
  • Available in black or white

Even more speaker solutions

At Vogel's, we have our own product range especially for speakers.. We have created various solutions for placing or mounting your speakers exactly where you want them to be.  Would you like to see the entire range of Vogel's speaker mounts?

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