Convert - Smart AV Accessories

There are many audio and video formats, cables and connectors out there. The smart solutions from Vogel's CONVERT are the answer. Find the right solution for your situation below.

Smart solutions for AV connections

Extend the lifespan of your AV devices with Vogel's smart solutions
Are the connections on your AV equipment incompatible with each other? The smart solutions from Vogel's are the answer. The SAVA series consists of products that can be used to expand (older) devices with new technologies. For example, wireless connections can be enabled or analogue connections can be converted to digital. You don't need to replace your equipment!

Connects old and new connections
The SAVA 1021 makes it easy  to connect existing video sources with an RCA or SCART output to an HDTV or projector with an HDMI input.

All cables included
You can easily connect the SAVA 1021. Whether you have an RCA connection or a SCART, all the cables you need are there in the box. And for additional ease of installation, a 3-metre HDMI cable is included. Everything you need for an easy installation, plug and play!

Converts Toslink to coax and vice versa

The SAVA 1031 is used to convert from optical to coaxial or from coaxial to optical audio signals. Suitable for the most common 2 to 5.1 channel digital audio signals.

Two-way conversion for a strong audio signal
Convert a digital Toslink audio signal to a digital coaxial audio signal and vice versa. Ideal for when your audio source has a different digital audio output to your audio amplifier, for example.

Connects new and old connections
The SAVA 1041 makes it possible to connect AV devices with a Toslink or Coaxial output to an RCA input. With improved 192kHz sample rate for the best audio quality. Supports uncompressed digital stereo signals.

Expand the digital outputs on your AV equipment
Does your amplifier have too few digital outputs or even none at all? The SAVA 1041 converts a digital (Toslink or coaxial) audio signal to an RCA signal. This makes it possible to play the digital audio from your TV, for example, through your existing audio system.

Convert audio signals
Connect AV devices that have a Toslink or coaxial output to an RCA input. Ideal for when there are too few or no digital audio inputs available.

  • Vogel's supplies smart solutions
  • for optimum ease of use
  • extends the lifespan of your AV equipment
  • everything you need is in the box
  • easy to install