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Quality guaranteed


Meeting your needs and expectations is what matters to us. At Vogel's, we do our utmost to design and produce high-quality products. To support this, we offer you our Vogel's guarantee.

Vogel's Professional has been dedicated to creating products that are made of durable materials and are based on a design, every detail of which has been meticulously thought-out. That is why Vogel's guarantees these products against any faults in materials or workmanship.

All guarantee terms and conditions can be found on our website and in the packaging of the products themselves.


What does TÜV and VSS mean for you?


Vogel’s professional products are engineered and designed according the VSS-5, VSS-4, VSS-3 or VSS-1 standard(Vogel’s Safety Standard). VSS-5 and TÜV certified products for professional use, are tested to carry at least 5 time specified weight without collapsing(deformation is possible). Trolleys and stands also have to stay in position when titled 10 degrees with a nominal weight load. This assures you of maximum product safety.


Safety standards use by Vogel’s:


VSS-1 certified= tested to 1x the specified weight

VSS-3 certified= tested to 3x the specified weight

VSS-4 certified= tested to 4x the specified weight

VSS-5 certified= tested to 5x the specified weight

TÜV certified= tested to 3x or 5x the specified weight





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