Connect-it Universal video wall solutions

A new revolution

Vogel’s is once again pushing the boundaries of video wall mounting solutions. By adding a complete new range of Universal video wall solutions to our existing Connect-it system, we are expanding the applications of LCD video walls - in terms of size, position, mobility and flexibility.

In addition, we can also now offer solutions for LED screens, for a futureproof standard. This universal and modular concept excels in quality and ease of installation. And being Vogel’s, it also looks great of course.

Height, breadth and quality

A minimal number of linkable components can be combined to produce a mounting solution for all sizes of video wall. Vogel’s existing Connect-it Interface bars and display strips are the basis for LCD video wall mounting solutions and in addition we now have dedicated strip sets for mounting LED tiles as well. The new, unique connectable uprights allow video walls to ascend to great heights.

With this new revolution, we open up an entirely new level of showing content. Whether you need a ceiling, a floor-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, free-standing, back-to-back, fixed or mobile solution, installation is clear and simple. One system for a host of applications with easy access for maintenance which is as durable as it is versatile.

Movie - Connect-it universal video wall solutions

Safe and Secure

Solidity, stability and safety are key. Solid support options and clear placement advice ensure correct and safe installation.

And as always, this union of innovation and safety is sealed with TÜV-5 certification.

Floor to Ceiling




Floor mounted

Product movie - Connect-it universal video wall solutions for LCD displays

Product movie - Connect-it universal video wall solutions for LED tiles

For other configurations, please use our Pro-AV mount advisor

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