With a special OLED wall mount

Have you just purchased a lovely OLED TV?

And would you like to mount it on an OLED wall mount?

So you've just purchased a lovely OLED TV, returned home, and then what? How do you want to mount your TV? With an OLED wall mount, of course! We specialise in high-quality wall mounts, including OLED wall mounts. These screens are extremely thin and therefore fragile. 

Based on its many years of experience, Vogel's has designed various wall mounts with a very smooth motion especially for these TVs. You can find several mounts in our range that are specifically suitable for OLED TVs. We have full-motion OLED wall mounts for TVs up to 65 inch (165 cm).

Want your OLED TV flat against the wall? Or would you like to turn your TV?

There are different OLED wall mounts available for different screen formats. There are also different functionalities, such as a full-motion OLED wall mount or a wall mount that allows you to mount your TV as flat as possible against the wall. You can find more information here:

Vogel's full-motion OLED wall mounts, suitable for OLED TVs

Full-motion motorised OLED wall mounts

This TV mount automatically turns towards you and is operated via an app. With this OLED wall mount, you never have to touch your fragile OLED screen again.

Full-motion OLED wall mounts

If you would like to watch your favourite programmes from different viewing angles, such as from the kitchen or dining table, then a full-motion OLED wall mount is the right solution for you. Simply turn the TV towards you. Our full-motion wall mounts have a very smooth motion and are especially designed to allow you to turn these thin TVs.

Flat OLED wall mounts

With a flat wall mount, you can mount your new OLED TV as if it were a painting on the wall. Extremely flat against the wall.

Do you have an LG OLED TV? And are you looking for an LG OLED wall mount?

Do you have a lovely LG OLED TV? If you are looking for an OLED wall mount for your LG screen, then take a look at our LG OLED wall mounts.

We have designed TV mounts especially for LG OLED TV's, which fit this type of TV perfectly. The full-motion LG OLED wall mount turns with a smooth motion, so you don't have to worry about damaging your OLED TV. You can easily turn your TV towards you, no matter where you are seated in the room.

Vogel's full-motion OLED wall mounts, suitable for OLED TVs

Conveniently mount your OLED TV to the wall with a special full-motion wall mount

OLED TV screens are extremely thin. If you would like to mount this screen to a full-motion TV mount, it is important to ensure that the display has a smooth motion. Based on its many years of experience, Vogel's has designed full-motion wall mounts that can be turned easily, even with such a thin OLED screen.

If you prefer not to touch your screen, there is also a motorised full-motion OLED wall mount. And with the special OLED wall mount from Vogel's, you can get even more out of your TV.

Why is there a special OLED wall mount?

There are special 'hole patterns' (known as VESA patterns) on the back of TVs that can be used for mounting. The backs of most OLED TVs are different to those of regular TVs, namely:

  • the dimensions of the 'hole patterns' are often a maximum of 400 mm wide x 200 mm high (VESA 400 x 200);
  • the 'hole patterns' are usually positioned at the bottom of the TV.

Our adapter is designed to fit seamlessly with the special pattern on the back of these TVs. This makes your OLED TV even more of an eye-catcher in your home.

Vogel's OLED wall mounts, ideal for VESA 400 x 200 screens

Would you like to know more about what OLED actually means?

If you are interested in learning more about the difference between OLED TVs and LED screens, Vogel's has all the information at a glance for you.

Our complete range of TV mounts

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