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The quest for the perfect product is part of our DNA

Vogel's is known worldwide for its attractive and innovative TV brackets. In the search for the perfect audiovisual experience, we have developed a unique product; a wall mount with an integrated soundbar: the SoundMount. 

This all-in-one solution has been subjected to countless listening sessions by our Golden Ears Team. This team of Vogel's employees has a passion for high-quality film and music experiences; our very own 'audiophiles'.

Vogel's soundmount

Add more experience to your TV


Impressive sound that turns along with your TV

The SoundMount allows you to experience films, football games and all of your favourite programmes as if they are live. Thumping special effects, breathtaking background music and crystal-clear speech; the SoundMount puts you at the centre of the action. The benefit of the soundbar's integration in the TV mount is that it enables the sound to turn with the TV. So, whether you're on the sofa enjoying the latest blockbuster or want to keep an eye on your favourite team from the kitchen, the TV with soundbar can turn by up to sixty degrees to the left or right, making the sound just as intense as the images. No matter where you are.

"Perfection and quality are part of our DNA. I am proud of this in-house development, which will greatly benefit TV viewers."

Erwin, Manager of Applied Technology

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