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Vogel’s acquires remaining shares SmartMetals Mounting Solutions

SmartMetals 100% owned by the Vogel’s Group

Eindhoven - November 2020

Vogel’s®, market leader in the sector of TV mounting systems, announces a further expansion of the Vogel's Group. From 2 November 2020 SmartMetals Mounting Solutions is 100% owned by the Vogel's Group. In 2018, the Eindhoven-based family-owned company already acquired a majority interest in SmartMetals, which, like Vogel's, develops mounting solutions for AV equipment.

Since then, both companies have worked closely together to serve the business market even better. This collaboration has been so successful that Vogel's has now acquired the remaining shares of Vincent Rekveldt, until recently co-owner of SmartMetals Mounting Solutions.

Product Development Center

The cooperation has already brought a lot to both companies in recent years. For example, in 2019 the R&D and product management divisions of Vogel's and SmartMetals were integrated in a new Product Development Centre in Den Bosch. This has created Europe's largest Product Development Centre for professional AV mounting solutions. Product engineers, designers and product managers work together there to develop the latest, innovative solutions for the professional AV installation market.

Gerdi Vogels, Managing Director Vogel's:

"With this complete takeover, the Vogel's Group follows its path to growth and expansion including as a specialist in the professional market. In the current situation the short term outlook for the professional market may be somewhat uncertain, but for the medium and long term we primarily see opportunities for growth.

After 2018 we were committed to work collaboratively on product innovations and international growth. This last step will create even more synergy in the cooperation and with that we are aiming for an even stronger market position in the B2B sector".

Vincent Rekveldt, former co-owner of SmartMetals Mounting Solutions:

"Since 2004 SmartMetals has developed into a specialist in AV custom solutions and lift systems. The collaboration with Vogel's in 2018 has widened our distribution and development opportunities. And the organisation is now ready for the next step.

This takeover therefore feels like a natural progression. I have every confidence in a good future and further growth of SmartMetals within the Vogel's Group".

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Specialists in B2B industry

Vogel's and SmartMetals are both well-known brands in the same area of expertise, but both the product range and the various market segments are largely complementary to each other. SmartMetals is a true specialist in custom solutions for professional applications and lift systems. Vogel's Professional Solutions mainly focuses on mounting solutions for large, complex video walls for the retail, corporate and hospitality market.

With its full entry to the Vogel's Group both brands can improve their market position and realise new developments in the professional market for AV mounting systems.

About Vogel's
Vogel's is a leading international manufacturer of mounting solutions for TVs, digital screens, video walls, mobile and other AV equipment. The family-owned company is active in both the consumer and professional market. For almost 50 years Vogel's has been driven by its mission to create the perfect user experience. Vogel's is known for its product innovations, future proof design, ease of installation and use, focus on security, use of high quality materials and extensive service and support. In addition, care for people and planet is an important theme for Vogel's. The company is critical when it comes to the origin of raw materials and the way in which the products are produced. Vogel’s. For Sure.

About SmartMetals
SmartMetals started in 2004 with the development of a line of AudioVisual mounting systems for projectors and flat screens. In the following years the company focused on its expertise in lift systems and custom made mounting solutions. SmartMetals consists of ± 50 employees. For more information visit:

For more information, please visit

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