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The way in which we watch TV is constantly changing. Whereas we once sat down as a family and watched a single screen, we now use a TV, smartphone and/or tablet all at the same time. For a presentation at the Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2016 in Eindhoven, a group of five Dutch artists and designers, along with Vogel's R&D department, examined the role of the screen and wall brackets in everyday use. They were searching for product limitations, in terms of functionality and possibilities. 

For almost 45 years, the Dutch company Vogel's has been developing high-quality mounting systems for products such as televisions, tablets and speakers. In many homes, you will find a Vogel's behind a TV or speaker! Vogel's most recent innovations include wall mounts that automatically move towards you. And even those in which the sound is integrated, so that not only the TV turns towards you but the sound as well! Inspired by the latest innovation, the MotionSoundMount, the central theme is: 'Does everything revolve around the TV?', developed into a surreal and disorienting reality.

Dutch Design

Vogel's DDW 2016

Vogel's Dutch Design Week 2016