Want to play sound from your smart TV through your stereo speakers?

A digital converter is a great solution

You have the most sophisticated smart TV. But that does not mean you need to say goodbye to your cherished stereo speakers just yet. And you don't have to! It's very easy to convert the digital sound from your TV to play through your stereo set. You can then continue to enjoy your valuable AV equipment even longer.

Sound doesn't come from your TV

Televisions are getting thinner and thinner. This poses a common problem for manufacturers, making it increasingly difficult for them to create enough space for built-in speakers. You will be pleased that you kept hold of your stereo set.

Not only can you connect your stereo set to your TV, but it is also possible to connect it to your media player or Blu-ray player. It's up to you!

Smart solution

Countless different audio and video formats, cables and connectors are available. One particularly smart solution is the Vogel’s SAVA 1041, Smart AV Converter. This converter provides a clear digital audio signal to stereo and supports uncompressed digital stereo signals. It makes connecting digital to analogue extremely easy.

The SAVA 1041 makes it possible to connect your AV devices with an optical or coaxial output to an RCA analogue stereo input. 

The advantages of this little powerhouse: 
  • Easily converts digital audio signal (optical or coaxial) to RCA input
  • A powerful 192kHz sample rate for the best sound reproduction
  • Wolfson DAC converter for ideal sound reproduction

A whole series of smart solutions

In addition to this digital converter, Vogel's has even more smart AV solutions available. The SAVA series consists of products that can be used to equip or connect 'classic' devices with new technologies. For example, wireless connections can be enabled or analogue connections converted to digital connections. Make your valuable AV equipment compatible and enjoy it for even longer! The smart solutions from Vogel's are the answer.

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