Terms and Conditions: Vogel's Product Reviews

Thank you for choosing to write a review about a Vogel's product! Reviews are available on vogels.com in order for you to share your experience with other customers. Please keep the terms and conditions in mind when writing your review, so that it can quickly be added to our website.

The following are prohibited:

1. Reviews for items you did not purchase through www.vogels.com
2. Opinions or statements that are not related to your experience of the product
3. Comments limited to the price, shipping experience and/or the seller
4. Inappropriate language (including but not limited to abusive language, racism or offensive terms)
5. References to other websites (with or without a URL)
6. Discounts, commercial offers, campaigns or price comparisons with other sellers, whether online and offline or on www.vogels.com
7. Commercial content and/or aims, unless this is stated explicitly in a separate paragraph. Examples of unacceptable content include the following:
 a. A review that does not mentioned that you received the item on a permanent or trial basis from a third party seller, in order to write a product review
 b. A review that does not mention that you received compensation from a third party to write the review

Examples of reviews that will be removed:

1.If one or more conditions have not been met or www.vogels.com has a reasonable suspicion of this.
2. A review focused on product information that was incorrect at the time of purchase, but which has since been updated. We may choose to remove such a review in order to avoid customer confusion.
3. A review that we believe to be fake due to an anomalous pattern identified during an automatic check.

*We do not reject or delete reviews that describe a negative experience.
A review that meets our terms and conditions will be posted online, no matter how negative or positive the content.

How we collect and display reviews:

1. Our website and app include a section where you can write your own review of any product. However, this is only available if you have purchased the item.
2. We obtain some reviews through third parties. Such reviews are displayed with a badge and the statement 'Incentivised review'.
3. A badge and the statement 'Top contributor' indicate that the review was written by a person who purchased the product on www.vogels.com.

Since the origin and contents of the review are subject to automatic or manual checks, there will be a delay before the review is added. Such checks are done ourselves or by a third party, and your review will usually appear online within a day. The date of the review indicates when it was written. In principle, a review can remain on www.vogels.com forever.

After it has been posted, you will no longer be able to edit or delete the review. However, if you would like your review to be deleted, please contact our customer service team by email at: [email protected]

These terms and condition may be amended at any time on the www.vogels.com website.
We will then post a new version as soon as possible.