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Vogel’s Expanding 3D Experiences 

Now you can always get the sweet spot for watching 3D TV without having to move all your furniture. Vogel’s wall mounts for 3D TVs bring the perfect 3D view to you, no matter where you sit in the room. Turn and tilt your screen to the right angle, sit back and enjoy the full 3D experience.


The perfect view for 3D TV

3D TVs offer you the ultimate viewing experience. The three-dimensional effect is created by displaying two superimposed images on the screen, bringing the richness and depth of the 3D movie theatre experience into your own living room. For larger than life entertainment, 3D televisions are the ultimate choice and perfect for your home cinema system. Our wall brackets mean that you will always be sat directly in front of your TV, no matter where in the room you may be, allowing you to get the most from your 3D television.

Find the Sweet Spot Every Time

The picture quality and effect of 3D TVs depends strongly on your viewing angle. Each home cinema setup has a ‘sweet spot’ – the perfect place to sit in order to get the best picture and the most intense 3D experience. Many 3D televisions produce a marked colour shift at a 35-degree viewing angle and the picture becomes brighter as this angle increases. The dark bars at the top and bottom turn bluish grey and reduce the contrast significantly.

Having to move all of your furniture and rearrange your room in order to achieve this sweet spot is an unnecessary chore and one that is eliminated with Vogel’s TV wall mounts for 3D TVs, which bring the perfect 3D view to you. No matter where you sit, you always have the sweet spot right in front of your TV where you can enjoy the best 3D effect. 

Advantages of TV Wall Mounts for 3D TVs

  • - Looks flat and stylish: the 3D TV hangs just 7 to 3.5 cm (THIN 345) from the wall 
  • - Tilts from 10 to 20 degrees (THIN 345) up and down for more viewing comfort 
  • - Turns up to 180 degrees (THIN 345) to give you the best viewing angle from anywhere in the room

Click on the product names below to find out more about Vogel’s TV wall mounts for 3D TVs.

Vogel's THIN 345
Vogel's THIN 245
Vogel’s WALL 1345
Vogel’s WALL 1245
Vogel’s EFW 6345

To find a supplier of wall mounts for 3D TVs and home cinemas, use the Vogel's Storelocator.


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