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Connect-it modular ceiling mounts

Vogel’s Professional offers a complete range of universal ceiling solutions for small to
extra large displays. The modularity of Connect-it is unique. With only a few standard components you can create a ceiling solution for almost every situation. From basic, single display solutions to more complex, multiple display solutions, such as back-to-back, side-by-side and even floor-to-ceiling.

Modular ceiling mounts for small to medium sized displays

Ceiling plates

The ceiling plates are part of the modular system which enables you to create your own ceiling mounting solution for fl at displays. You can easily attach one of the poles with just 1 screw, which saves installation time.

Product information:
Ceiling plate PUC 1011
Ceiling plate PUC 1030
Ceiling plate PUC 1040
Truss adapter PUC 1050


The poles are the basis of the Connect-it (modular) system. Main features of the poles are: quick and easy installation, large cable management system, stylish design, the pole can easily be cut to length if necessary, easy to customize (23xx Series) and multiple displays can be mounted to one
pole (23xx Series).

Product information:
Connect-it pole PUC 2308
Connect-it pole PUC 2315
Connect-it pole PUC 2330


There are three VESA interfaces available: 75x75 / 100x100, 200x100 and 200x200 mm. The main features are: fast, easy and safe installation by just 1 person, horizontal levelling function and tilt function.

Product information:
Interface PFI 3010
Interface PFI 3020
Interface PFI 3030

The key features of Connect-it:

• A solution for almost every situation
• Quick and easy installation
• Cost effective
• Easy to customize
• Stylish design



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Modular ceiling mounts for medium to extra large sized displays

Ceiling plates

The ceiling plates are part of the modular system which enables you to create a ceiling mounting solution for displays. The 4 different ceiling plates provide solutions for flat ceilings, inclined ceilings and truss systems.

Product information:
Ceiling plate PUC 1060
Ceiling plate PUC 1070
Ceiling plate PUC 1080
Truss adapter PUC 1090


The aluminium poles are the basis for the Connect-it modular system. Main features: quick and easy installation, large cable management system of 4 separate channels, multiple display mounting, customizable insert and wide accessory range. The aluminium poles are available in
3 different lengths (80, 150 and 300 cm) and can easily be cut to any desired length.

Product information:
Pole 80 cm PUC 2508
Pole 150 cm PUC 2515
Pole 300 cm PUC 2530

Modular display interface

The modular interface consists of two separate components: an interface bar and a set of two interface display strips. The interface bar is for the horizontal display fitment and the interface display strips are for the vertical fitment. This creates a custom fitment for any display. With these standard components it is also very easy to create multiple display solutions.

• Interface bars
The horizontal fitment determines the length of
the interface bar and is available in 4 different
lengths from 515 to 1175 mm.

• Interface display strips
The vertical fitment determines the length of
the 2 interface display strips and is available
in 6 different lengths from 380 to 1130 mm.

Product information:
Interface bar PFB 3405
Interface bar PFB 3407
Interface bar PFB 3409
Interface bar PFB 3411

Interface display strips PFS 3304
Interface display strips PFS 3306
Interface display strips PFS 3308
Interface display strips PFS 3311

Key features of Connect-it

• Flexible modular system
• Modular display interface for a perfect fit
• Multiple display mounting with standard components
• Quick and easy installation



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Accessories Connect-it small

Accessories Connect-it large

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