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Service and Adaptor Kits


What are Service and Adaptor Kits?

Vogel’s tries to make its products as complete as possible with the required mounting materials. There are situations, however, when you may need additional materials to mount your TV. This may for instance occur because the TV has an unusual design (a bump on the back) or a size that does not fit the VESA pattern of mounting holes on the back of the screen. To assist you in mounting your screen correctly, we have created a number of Service and Adaptor Kits that contain additional mounting materials such as screws and spacers. You can easily order these  Service and Adaptor Kits from Vogel’s using the information provided below.

Do I need a Service or Adaptor Kit?

You can check our website to see if a Service or Adaptor Kit is needed for a specific TV and TV mount. Here you will find information about which Service or Adaptor Kit is needed for your product.

What does the Service or Adaptor Kit contain?

The following Vogel’s Service and Adaptor Kits are available:


Item No. Description Service Kits
Contents Price
999800 Service Kit - Playbar adaptorkit Specific caps that fit in the hole behind the playbar, 2x nuts, 2x ringlet Free of charge
999918 Service Kit - M5 bolts (16, 25, 50 mm) 4x M5x16 mm, 4x M5x25 mm, 4x M5x50 mm
Free of charge
999932 Service Kit - Spacers (25 mm), M4-M5 bolts (40 mm) 4x M4x40 mm, 4x M5x40 mm, Spacers 4x M8x14x25, Washers 4x M6x22x2 Free of charge
999939 Service Kit - Spacers (10 mm), M4-M5-M6-M8 bolts (30 mm) 4x M4x30 mm, 4x M5x30 mm, 4x M6x30 mm, 4x M8x30 mm, Spacers 4x D12xD8,2x10 Free of charge
999945 Service Kit - M8 bolts (12 mm) 4x M8x12 mm
Free of charge
999958 Service Kit - M8 bolts (20 mm) 4x M8x20 mm
Free of charge
999970 Service Kit - M4 bolts (45 mm) 4x M4x45 mm Free of charge
999989 Service Kit - M8 bolts (45 mm) 4x M8x45 mm Free of charge
999997 Service Kit - M8 bolts (25 mm) 4x M8x25 mm Free of charge
999998 Service Kit - Spacers (20 mm), M8 bolts (40 mm) 4x M8x40 mm, 8x 10 mm spacers Free of charge
Item No. Description Adaptor Kits
Contents Price
896012 Adaptor Kit - FAPA 01 FAPA-01 profiles for VESA 100 and 120
999039 Adaptor Kit - SONY 2x  M6x16 mm bolts, 2x  M5x50 mm bolts, 2x  M6xH10xL40 mm spacers, 4x  M6 washers €3,99
999967 Adaptor Kit - OLED One strip for asymmetric VESA, 2x M6x8 mm, 4x M6x20 mm, 2 Spacers 10 mm


Our Service and Adaptor Kits are available where you purchased your Vogel’s product. Or you can order one from Vogel’s by clicking here.