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IKEA is a Swedish-founded multinational housing store, that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories. It is a publicly very well-known furniture retailer and since 2008 also the world's largest. IKEA is known for its modernist designs for various types of furniture, decoration and appliances.
IKEA’s interior design work is often associated with an eco-friendly simplicity. IKEA’s vision is creating a better daily life for as many people as possible. They translate their vision to producing a wide range of well-designed and functional living products that are affordable to a large group of customers.
IKEA® needs a broad and growing platform to deliver customers the messages they want, in exactly the way they want to.

Embracing the benefits of digital

Starting with the rollout of digital menus and in store promotional screens for the Food Team, Beaver Group has been working with IKEA® since 2015, providing a huge range of diverse solutions at all 25 stores across the whole of the UK and Ireland. IKEA® embraces the benefits of digital throughout their stores, thus the continuing IKEA® project includes hundreds of menu displays and in-store screens, video walls, projectors etc. Mounting hundreds of displays and projectors using Vogel’s Professional Solutions such as 5000 series, 6000 series, PTA 3101 and  PPC 1500.
Throughout the main showroom, digital signage and projector solutions have been provided to give customers more information about products availability. Thus every step of the way, the customer journey is guided and informed through the store.

What's so special about this project?

The digitial menu boards give the restaurant staff the ability to switch items and menus when needed. With thousands of custormers eating at IKEA® each day, keeping the menus relevant and informative is vital. It also keeps queues flowing and ensures menu compliance acros the whole IKEA® estate. The digital menu boards are mounted with Vogel's Connect-it modular system (f.e.PUC 1060, PUC 2508PFA 9107, PFB 3419 and the PFS 3304.)

Using six 55” displays together with advanced ShadowSense touch technology, customers can easily create mood boards for their design and interior wishes. Using a 22” touch display and overhead laser projector, customers can literally see the style and exact size of the rugs projected on the floor in front of them, which helps to visualize the right product. The tablet to operate the rug sizer is mounted on a Vogel’s PTA floor stand (PTA 3101).

Keeping IKEA® staff informed is very important, that’s why there are several implementations of displays in the ‘back-of-house’ areas. These displays provide important staff information.

The IKEA® rollout has been huge in scope and ambition, which has engaged many different departments, solutions and technologies. It is a live and growing estate, not just limited to a single store or solution.

Who managed this project?

The project was realized in cooperation between our United Kingdom importer Turnstone AV and Beaver Group.

Quote installer:

This project is a great example of a successful and growing digital estate, being planned effectively and managed across a large European client.

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