The Vogel's workplace

Computer monitor replacement

It's not unusual to see two or more computer monitors on top of certain desks. You need access to your e-mail, for example, as well as many other applications. It's easier to maintain an overview if you work with a large screen. But using a second monitor is another popular option. This was a common problem at Vogel's, before the headquarters were remodelled. It not only leads to a cluttered working environment but can also lead to hardware problems. Vogel's used the renovation as an opportunity to replace all monitors with a wide-screen monitor for each desk.

After an exhaustive selection process, in which a number of monitors were evaluated, an LG screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio was chosen. The large display offers plenty of room to run two applications side by side on the screen. This is also a great screen ratio for employees that work with graphics programs.

The new Vogel's office has an open-plan design. And, of course, all of the monitors are mounted using a Vogel's desk mount. This keeps the work environment nice and tidy.


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