Samsung OM46N-D & OM55N-D dual sided display

Mounting solutions

Be visible outside, sell inside

To optimize powerfull communication in shopping windows Vogel's developed a mounting solution for Samsung OMN-D dual sided display, both for 46 inch and 55 inch displays. Whether you need a floor mounted solution, a ceiling mounted solution or a floor-to-ceiling mounted solution, you can create your configuration with only 3 SKU’s and installation is clear and simple.

Product benefits

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Lightweight aluminum profiles
  • Cable management system

* When you need a floor-to-ceiling solution you need 2 pieces of the PFFC 4655

Mounting solutions With only 3 SKU's you can create 3 different solutions:
Product Product name
PFFC 4655 Mount for Samsung OMN-D

More information

For more information about the Vogel's mounting solutions for Samsung OMN-D, please contact our sales department at +31 40 2647400 or mail

For other configurations, please use our Pro-AV mount advisor

Pro-AV Mount Advisor

The ultimate configuration tool!