PFTE 7111 Motorized trolley with cabinet

Sturdy and easy to use

Interactive displays are often used in offices and education. An adjustable height is essential to ensure a comfortable experience for all users. The height can be adjusted easily and effortlessly with Vogel's Professional motorized display trolley. Heavy interactive displays can be operated with the greatest of ease.

Effortlessly adjustable and movable

The motorized trolley allows the display to be adjusted vertically by up to 60 cm. The two synchronised motors ensure optimal balance and provide extremely strong lifting power. The system is easy to move thanks to its stable construction and sturdy swivel wheels. Impossible to tip over!

Connect-it display mounts

The display is mounted on the trolley using Vogel's Connect-it interface plates and strips. Virtually any display will fit, ranging from 42" to 85"".

Storage options

The motorized trolley is available with or without a storage cabinet. IT or AV equipment can be safely stored in this lockable cabinet. A PC holder that can be connected to the back of the cabinet is also available.

Safety stop

A safety strip is available to prevent fingers from becoming trapped and damage to the motor. This strip is attached to the bottom of the display.

Product consists of: