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HiperDino is a Spanish chain of large supermarkets and hypermarkets with extensive offerings, operating on the Canary Islands. The current organization structure dates back to 2012, when a group of Canary shareholders set up the company. HiperDino operates on a successful strategy from the past: low prices alongside competitive promotions, with a focus on local products.
The company policy was focused on reaching the island society that suffered from high unemployment rates, which was successfully reached. Nowadays, parent company Grupo DinoSol boasts more than 200 locations, located on five Canary Islands and employs over 6000 people. In 2015, HiperDino was awarded with a national prize for good rates on customer satisfaction, based on valuations by supermarket customers.

An innovative and attractive shopping experience

Within an ambitious project of modernization and expansion of its points of sale, HiperDino wanted to position itself in the market with an innovative and attractive shopping experience concept. In addition to offering "the best prices in the Canary Islands", they wanted to offer the best customer experience. To achieve this goal, focused the efforts on improving communication and service at the point of sale by deploying a modern digital signage system.
The project began in November 2012, with the first contacts with the HiperDino management team. In March 2013, the first store with a digital signage solution was opened. After more than 6 years of success, more than 900 screens have been deployed in almost a hundred locations. All displays have been deployed using Vogel’s professional support systems such as Connect-it for single/dual screens and videowall configurations and also different wall solutions. More than 900 NEC Large Format Displays (32”, 40”, 42”, 43”, 46”, 55”) and several hundreds of complementary displays (interactive screens, etc.) have been deployed until now, and there are new deployments in course. Nowadays the project continues to grow with the addition of more screens and new associated services.

What's so special about this project?

Ongoing since 2013, this project combines multiple solutions and services to provide stores with a very effective communication tool. Dj3 Networks is currently working on new features to improve HiperDino's digital signage system user experience and ensure a more efficient purchasing process for customers.

“Using the Vogels solutions has allowed us to simplify the installation processes of the screens, obtaining results with an excellent finishing level. The Connect-it Series is an excellent solution to respond to the different assembly configurations that we are working on in this project. In addition, maintenance and removal of screens is a simple task.” sais Luis Dominguez Quintana, head of engineering at Dj3 Networks.

Continuing: “HiperDino TV is a complex project where technology and content coexist seeking to maximize results at different levels (communication, sales, loyalty). It is a very dynamic project where the demand is very high at different levels, because it daily competes to attract and retain consumers. For this reason, the difficult thing is not to start, but to stay in time and make the project grow with innovations that become models to be followed by the market. The implementation of this project in the HiperDino centres has attracted interest from clients in other sectors, such as fast food, retail, transport, etc.”

Who managed this project?

The project was realized in corporation between our Spanish importer Vogel's Ibérica together with Dj3 Networks.

Quote Luis Dominguez Quintana:

Maintaining a long-term relationship with Vogel’s has allowed us to offer the same level of high quality in synchrony with the requirements of the clients.

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