Digital menu innovation at EAT.

EAT. is a chain of sandwich shops with 95 branches in the UK, of which 75 are located within London. The company was started by couple Niall and Faith MacArthur and the first shop was opened in October 1996 in Villiers Street. All of EAT.’s produce is freshly made and all unsold food items are donated to charities and hostels.
As an innovative brand, EAT. wanted to try new digital ways to improve the food and customer experience. Because of the average selling time of 18 seconds per customer, the digital menus needed to provide a quick and simple menu while fitting the EAT. brand experience.
Along with comprehensive central control and simple store-level management, EAT. wants to be able to keep up with multiple daily menu changes.

Keeping ahead of new digital innovations

Ongoing since 2013, the Beaver Group manages a range of stores, including two screen and three screen systems. A typical EAT. store uses three Philips 47” IPS LED screens, which are driven by a custom menu solution that was also developed by the Beaver Group. EAT. has also launched a new digital-centric store in the Heathrow T2 Terminal. Here Beaver installed a 10-screen panoramic video wall, which helps creating a relaxing lounge space in the store with custom, high definition panoramic video content of typical English landscapes. All solutions were mounted using Vogel's Connect-It and 5000 Series.
Before the project was finalized, there were a variety of technical challenges on the way to achieve the final effect of the ‘Horizon Screen’. With the end goal to blend all the videos into one seamless window experience. The store also features 46” portrait panels that show day-parted promotions in support of the digital menus. Currently the menu solution has been rolled out to the other stores.

What's so special about this project?

Sarah Doyle, Brand Director of EAT. was very pleased with the new digital solutions. “We’ve been able to maintain the speed at which the business responds and as a result, we have been more responsive to customer needs. At the same time, we have been able to improve upon the things we do well, because we have consistency with the rollout using digital menu boards. We do not need to rely on executing something by talking to 150 store staff who then may interpret things differently. Digital menus take away a lot of the links in the chain, where things were not done as effectively and consistently as they needed to be, to make the customer experience right the first time.”

"We’ve always been looking at digital technology to advance our business. But only when it facilitated a better food/service experience.” … “We’re seen to be on the leading edge of digital technology - It’s food first for us, and menu boards are the first thing we’ve ever done which made such a wholesale commitment and has made the biggest change.”

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Who managed this project?

The project was realized in corporation between our United Kingdom importer Turnstone AV together with Beaver Group.

Quote Sarah Doyle:

The benefits are there and very clear to see. Anyone you talk to in any of our shops and all the way through to director level, would be able to talk to you about how much of a difference this has made to our business.

Solutions used such as..

Connect-it modular ceiling mounts

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