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Airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow

Vogel’s supports Airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow

Airport Sheremetyevo is the second airport of Russia. This airport is situated 29 km from Moscow and consists of 5 different terminals. Each year, more than twelve million people are transported. In May 2016, Sheremetyevo Airport started with the construction of a new B terminal and the opening has taken place in May 2018. A brand new terminal C is about to be build next to terminal B and should be equal in look and feel. For the future, a reconstruction of the other “old” terminals is planned with the end goal to complete the entire airport in 2025.

In this new terminal B you will find several arrival- and departure halls, check-in counters, restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Everywhere you will find displays, like for example single solutions on the ceiling and on the wall.
All these displays are mounted with Vogel’s Professional products.
A challenge was the placement of 16 displays on a starting height of 230 cm from the floor, a free-standing solution back-to-back, in the center of the departure hall in of the older terminals, which is a public area where traffic content will be showed. Because it is a public area, the solution should be very sturdy, solid and safe, that’s the reason why they chose Vogel’s.

In total, Vogel's supplied mounting solutions for about 400 displays divided into 42 inch, 55 inch displays but also 83 inch displays in this older departure hall.

Departure hall

Airport Sheremetyevo

In the new B terminal, above the check-in counters, displays with check-in information were mounted with Vogel’s single solutions from the Connect-it Series. Furthermore in the subway hall from the older terminals to the new B terminal, there were also displays with traffic and travel information mounted with Universal Video Wall solutions from the PUC29XX Series.

As usual, Vogel’s products are TÜV-certified, which means it can hold up to five times the specified weight, and come with a 5-year material- and manufacturing error warranty.

What's so special about this project?

The new and future Sheremetyevo Airport will be totally different from what it used to be. A total make-over will make the airport unrecognizable. All newest technology will be implemented and the total project is of huge proportions. Vogel’s and Sheremetyevo Airport will work closely to realize that all visual solutions will be professionally and safely mounted.

In the older and new departure halls of this Airport many displays are mounted. All mounted in a different way, think about single solutions, big video walls, but also a stand-alone solution with 16 displays on a starting height of 230 cm, at a certain angle in the older departure halls. This was really a challenge, but with the Vogel's Connect-it universal video wall solution together with a dedicated floor base we could manage it.

In addition to the Connect-it video wall solution (PUC 29xx Series) also the Connect-it modular ceiling mounts (PUC 25xx Series) are used. The larger displays are installed with Vogel's PFW 6851 (display wall mount). 

Who managed this project?

Our Russian importer, company ModulIT from Moscow, managed this project together with multiple installers. If you want more information, please contact us.

Pictures Airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow


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