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The amazing 6000 Series of heavy-duty wall mounts

Meet our ‘next level’ professional wall mounts. This series combines all we know about quality and ease of installation. For instance, post-installation levelling, self-centring screws and easy access for maintenance. All of this for displays up to 120” and 165 kg.

The design of the 6000 Series is both robust and elegant. There are several models, available as fixed wall mount or tilting up to 15°. In addition, all types have an easy accessible integrated lock. As always with Vogel’s, these wall mounts come with a 5-year material and manufacturing error warranty.

Development of the 6000 serie

We are very proud to announce that Vogel's is one of the winners of the Best Show Award 2017 with the amazing PFW 6000 Series!

Vogel's is selected from more than 1,100 exhibiting manufacturers!

vogels lab


At Vogel’s, we don’t compromise on quality. That’s why we test all our products extensively in our own ‘lab’. It’s no coincidence that all Vogel’s products are TÜV5 certified and that all our wall mounts can hold up to five times the certified weight.

vogels lab