I spy with my little eye...

something that is white!

A white interior calls for a white wall bracket

But isn't a white interior cold and boring? Absolutely not! White can make a living room or bedroom feel spacious and is an excellent solution for smaller rooms.  

But if you choose white as the main colour for your walls, floor and furniture, here is some important advice to keep in mind.  

white wallmount

What is white?

It is unusual to find a pure shade of white; it usually has a warm or cool undertone. Subtle nuances make the white colour feel either warm or cool. Warm shades of white have red or yellow undertones, whereas cooler shades have grey or blue undertones. By combining different shades of white in your interior, you can create a lively effect.

In addition to combining different shades of white, you can also use a variety of materials and textures. Try naturally soft materials such as wood, cotton or wool. Instead of painting, you could also choose wallpaper with an attractive pattern.

white tv mount
white interior

Further tips:

  • Use different materials, fabrics and patterns. You might like to include metal elements, in white, for example
  • Make a good lighting plan; lighting is very important
  • Mix white teints for example with natural materials like wood

And now that you've put so much effort into your wonderful white interior, don't forget your white wall mount from Vogel’s! The perfect finishing touch.

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